Famous Alice, here. I’m a business-minded graphic design specializing in print. 

By print, I mean anything that is printed or can be printed like brochures, postcards, ads, banners, books, signs, PowerPoint presentations, and logos.  Typically clients like to supply their ideas and material in an email, word doc, sketch on a napkin or a conversation. What I do is take what they give me, arrange the text, add pictures and other images and turn it into the desired marketing format, such as a brochure, business card or poster.

By business-minded, I mean that I think like a businessperson. I am an artist. I learned a long, long (did I say long?) time ago; work needs to be functional and readable. Design is a means to and end. Graphic design is not fine art, its purposeful art.

I think about what I’m doing. So, if it feels like your missing something or something should be added or revised or something feels wrong or inconsistent, I’m going to gently let you know. After all, we’re in this together. Changes and revisions are a big part of the process. I get that.  I also like a good, juicy deadline. Did I just say that out loud?