Today, like it says in the header, I’m a business-mined graphic designer. Like a comfortable chair, its the place that fits me best. I work with a handful of clients, mostly corporate, and mostly in the self storage or finance industries. It’s primarily what I’ve been up to for the past eight or so years.

In my spare time, I volunteer by helping job seekers and others create their personal brands, talk tracks and sales letters.

Previously, I was the Marketing Director for A-American Self Storage, which is a fancy title for the entire graphics and marketing department. With over 100 locations at the time, I was kept busy creating support material and programs.

The aging President sold off most of the properties during the great recession, which was quite tragic at the time. Much to my good fortune, the VPs went on to work for other companies and continue to use me. Hence, the niche in the self storage industry.

Currently, I do all the design work for the progressive California Self Storage Association, repeatedly voted the best industry association nationally. They are quite proud of this fact, so I felt compelled to include it.

For a short time, around 2005, I got involved with a franchise business called the PR Store. Think ad agency, street level and store front. It was a great concept with poor execution, by the franchisor, totally exacerbated by an unmanageable clientele (think time vampires.) As they say, it was a great learning expierence and did stretch my skill set. This is where I learned I could be a fairly good copywriter and marketer. Who knew?

The decade before that I spent at small ad agencies in Northern California designing all the graphic materials for new home communities (that’s the official term, you might know them as subdivisions.) Everyone wants a brand new home and everyone thinks developers are bad, go figure. If you need a logo with an Oak leaf in it, you might need to go elsewhere, I believe I’ve reached my lifetime limit.

Way, way back when, I did my formal training at Art Center of Design. Still a top school. I left to go to NYC, but that’s a story for another day. And hold on to your seat, I received my AA degree in Commercial Art from San Diego City College.

If you’ve managed to read down this far you deserve a few fun facts. I like Star Trek, cats and Starbucks, not necessarily in that order. I did have a brief stint as a stand-up comic, but that ended when I realized that I couldn’t stay up late, which is one of the basic job requirements.

Alice Linesch aka Famous Alice:  310.662.1694 • eMail