BreakinPicture_352Silence was shattered that lovely Sunday morning by a loud ring. It was the police calling. My store* had been robbed.

The three-minute drive was painstakingly long, as dared to anticipate what I might find. Broken glass was everywhere. The thief had thrown a brick through the door and made off with my big screen TV; But nothing else. A swell of relief came over me, followed by a wave of inspiration. This is an opportunity!

DanFax_350I did the only thing a marketer could do. I created “The Break-in Sale and Contest.” This caught the attention of some local press, as I had hoped. My colleague said “Alice you’re now famous!” and started calling me Famous Alice. He then sent my story to marketing guru, Dan Kennedy who featured me in HIS newsletter. My new moniker was catching on quickly and I realized I could capitalize on the situation. I needed a domain name, fast. By some miracle, was available, which secured my destiny. My personal brand was born!

•The business was called the PR Store, a franchise. The concept was great, think Ad Agency as a store intended to provide all the marketing needs for a small business person. The execution not so great. And that’s another story. 

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