Start with the EndScream10162743_400_BW
The end is the beginning. The first question is always when do you need it and where. That way, I can be sure to design something that can be produced and delivered on time with out undue drama or expense.

Know the Job
To proceed it is helpful to know what I call the “the job” of piece. Sometimes the job is to make the phone to ring, sometimes it is to deliver information or scream a special offer.

Be the Person
Then I want to know whose hands its going to end up in. Who am I “talking” to? Sometimes its a high-end financial planner in the Bay Area, sometimes its a self storage owner in Fresno. I do my best to image the end user, to get into their head and create a piece that they can relate to.

Your Input and Content
You’ll provide me with the information you want included in the piece. Often this is provide in a Word doc or email, although it can be a sketch on a napkin or just a conversation.

Estimate and Proofs
I’ll give you an estimate of what the project will cost for your approval. Once the cost is approve and a timeline determined, I will send you proofs via mail. Then the fun begins, and we will work together revising the design until is just right. Final proofs will be sent to you for sign-off. I never send projects out or to print without your written approval. Once the job is completed, I will send you an invoice.

Alice Linesch aka Famous Alice:  310.662.1694 • eMail